Are you looking for a full-length presentation on the subject of nature, with Jan you get a lively speaker in the house. Providing presentations is for Jan an ideal way to share his experiences with others.
You will not just get a list of species wich he has photographed, but he explains how an image has created image, fun events he experiences while shooting and attention is given to a piece of technology. He also brings some interesting facts about a species or area. Jan is particularly strong in building up the tension in an image series and combines it with a little humor. An average presentation lasts approximately two hours and generally contains a short break halfway through .

The various presentations are now cared for eg nature clubs, summer programs for the elderly and even in a nursing home . A room full of beds and wheelchairs, occupied by limping ran, but especially enthusiastic people, is what him remembers most. John loves the interaction with the people in the room.

If you have any interest, question or requirements, please fill in the contact form. You can also reach him by phone and possibly leave a message. Do not forget to mention your number if you wish to be called back.