Poland, Biebrzanski Park Narodowy 2018

A amply late (pictorial) report of last year’s (2018) summer trip. Sometimes it just happens, although it is preferable with a website to post something regularly. Unfortunately, there was still a lot of work to be done in our new home and that has been given priority. That way you keep the rest of the family happy and for yourself it also takes a lot of unrest.
The two-week holiday took place in the first half of August. A period that we have spent there before, but thanks to a different way of searching, it still yielded new varieties of caterpillars. If my information is correct, there was among our finds a species that had not been established in Poland before. In the previous news item I already written something about it. There are also a number of very rare species found, where only a few images are available of.
Although the number of people with interest in butterflies / caterpillars is growing in Poland, there are still major gaps in the knowledge of the appearance of many species. Not many observations occur from the Biebrza area and at all, the knowledge about the determination of caterpillars is far from complete. The subject is specialized and certainly not among the most appealing group.
Over the years I have gained some contacts and one of them is an entomologist who works for the university of natural sciences of Warsaw. On his initiative, a database has been created to map the biodiversity of the country. Some of the observations that I, together with my wife Inge and friend Jan Chóinski make in the area, have recently been included in this database. From one thing comes the other and it has resulted in being the first ” Foreigner ” now, having an account so that I can enter the observations myself. Almost automatically accompanied by footage of course. They find it very special that a foreigner shows so much interest in an area in ” their ” country. I also get a lot of help from a Dutch specialist. Finally, the supplied information must be correct. Finally, I regard myself as no more than a lover !!
For many, this will be a strange way to spend a vacation. Our holiday destination in Poland is still the choice of our daughter. You do not hear me complaining about that!! After all, children are a bit guiding when it comes to how and were to spend a holidays.
The next time we visit Poland, there are a number of areas on the program that we have not visited much. I will do my best to publish that report earlier.

KINA 2018