Polen, Biebrzanski Park Naradowy 2017

It was a long time ago that I visited my favorite area, the Biebrza marshes in north east Poland, in early spring. Over the last two years, this area had been faced with a decent drought. Because there had been quite some snow in Eastern Europe during the last winter, I was curious how the situation was now. By Facebook, I had already seen several images that were showing large area’s had been flooded. A prerequisite for large numbers of birds that are bound to water. One where the Biebrza marshes among others got its reputation.
Ones arrived, the water level appeared to be extremely favorable. Unfortunatly, this spring temperatures were lower then normal. Due to a cold wind from northern and eastern directions, many birds had a brake on their migration. From many species we did not record a single specimen. Of many kinds of songbirds we have only heard one or at most a few singles. But it was good to see that there were reasonable numbers of Ruff present. This species previously visited the area with numbers in the tens of thousands, but due to a sudden change in their migrating route, numbers had drastically declined. With the Great White Egret, things are going excellent, although I have spent little time on this species. Finally, time is limited and one has to choose from the many subjects.
About my bird photography, I gained a new experience during this trip. Years ago, I had planned to buy a floating hide, …… my own U-boat !! In order to work as well as possible, I also bought a so-called “dry suit”. A big investment, but when you accidentally enter a ditch, it means that the inside stays dry. And with a good layer of insulation, one can last for quite some time. Despite the fact that the weather conditions did not co-operate, I’m happy with the possibilities that it offers. It just adds a new dimension.
Eventually this stay in the area was again very successful. The sociability this time came from two of my sisters who accompanied me. And despite the fact that they needed some patience because I forgot the time now and then, they also seemed to liked it. The plans for next time have been devised already.

KINA 2017
KINA 2017