Polen, Biebrzanski Park Naradowy 2016

Every year we let our now eight-year-old daughter, choose where we spend the summer holidays with the family. As a photographer, I can only adapt myself into this, but it should be clear that I have no problem if her choice falls on Poland. Despite the many times we have now visited the area, in terms of nature and ​​photography there is plentiful to keep myself busy.
Because of my stay there last spring, I knew that for the third consecutive year the park was experiencing a serious drought. Pity, because from one of the authors of the Crossbill guide on North Eastern Poland, I received information about a still unknown bog area for me. And despite that was dried up also, it was a wonderful place. An area which I will visit more often, especially considering that it is surrounded by beautiful Birch Forest. Scenically a small gem. However, the characteristic flora and fauna has been suffering from the lack of rain water. The big question is of course how much time is needed by the various butterflies and dragonflies to populate this area again.
The surprise this time was the large number of caterpillars which were to be found everywhere and in particular, the diversity. Often I find the same species, but this time I managed to add seventeen new species to my database. The weather conditions of the present period, it is expected to have a major influence. Incidentally, I owe some of the findings to the rest of the family. The reading glasses has become an indispensable tool for this activity. Various types are so well camouflaged that without this tool changes are very small to find them. A necessary evil so to speak. The local people sometimes do not know what to think of it, three people pointing their nose to the ground, wich at first glance, seemes like a otherwise meaningless field of weeds!
And then the temperature ….. which was in one word blissful. Last year it seemed more like a pressure cooker last, but now temperatures dis not rise above twenty degrees Celsius. Ideal weather to undertake some activities. A climb around a bunker complex from World War I was one of them. And the search for edible mushrooms is always a success. The latter, of course, under the expert guidance of our friend Jan. A rare visit to Warsaw made our holiday complete.
We are already looking forward to the surprises of the next Biebrza trip.