Poland, Biebrzanksi Park Narodowy 2016

It was quite some time since I had posted a news item. However, the holiday season is there again and the hard followers of this site are likely to explain the link of the title. The Biebrza National Park is finally a place which I visit almost every year. This year, even two visits. When we askes our daughter Merel where she wanted to go with the summerholiday, she was very firm with her answer, “Poland”.
This first visit, around mid-May, I made along with a colleague. His interest was piqued by my enthusiasm when I talked regularly about the area. I understand that he’d wants to go back again to the area.
Like in my own country, the Netherlands, Poland also faced a cold spring. The impact was particularly seen in the low numbers of butterflies, as well as the flora had yet to begin. Another striking phenomenon was that as usual, the area was completely flooded with water by the end of april, but in a few weeks time al that was gone. In particular, the numbers of waterfowl and marshbirds therefore were also very low. Again, I had not experienced this before in all these years. But when we arrived, it was over with the cold. And although I often complain about summer temperatures, for nature and photography in generality this obviously was welcome. We saw the area getting to life so to speak. The low water level reduced the numbers of amphibians and certain species of dragonflies clearly. The year 2015 also was particularly dry, but that is likely to again create opportunities for other species and areas.
Worryingly, however, is that Poland are also significant ” has gone loose ” with things like verge management. Unfortunately, this one hits on by and it does not stop a strip which, for example makes mile markers are more visible. Fortunately, there is already a national action group that denounces these practices, but if one can expected much of the current Conservative government is the question. The ” creation ”, ….. from my point of view still managed very nice, seems to be primarily a failure by many others and needs to be minimized. All things considered, a still strange position, and which would indicate the creator himself that this is the intention. Interpretation is a big word.
Fortunately, the Polish countryside is so sparsely populated that there are everywhere forgotten spots and therefore plenty of opportunities for all the beauty. And often I see coaches in the Biebrza National Park with schooling children who get a piece of information on the Polish natural pearls. There must be a good balance possible between prosperity, well-being and nature? Na Zdrowie, on everyone’s sanity !!!