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carski trakt

Pension ’Carski Trakt’ or the ‘Czars Route’, this has been Jan’s favourite place to stay whenever visiting the Biebrza National Park. It is located in the southern part of the national park and is situated in the middle of the protected areas which form a transition to the surrounding agricultural areas. Almost all the highlights of the area can be found within a 20 km radius here and so it is the most popular destination of nature lovers.

At the boarding house you will both experience the hospitality of the Polish people and what daily life is about. A full board stay is very reasonably priced. The overwhelming nature starts right there in the garden. Whether a lover of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, amphibians and reptiles or being interested in plants or fungi, you will be equally surprised at the unprecedented riches. Each season has its own charms of course. And although it is a popular destination, you do not have to go and actually look for total peace and quietness: it is just around the corner! ‘Carski Trakt’ is located at a mere twenty minutes’ drive from the city of “Lomza”, a medium-sized town with a variety of shops. And ………. parking is free!!


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