Dutch colourfull mix

It has been a long time since a new gallery wash added to this site. This is largely due to the fact that I have been more concerned with issues other than photography. The house has been painted partly, there is a new wallpaper on the wall and our plans for new furniture become realized. All pleasures, but now spring is approaching, it starts to itch. It is also the period when travel plans are forged and I have booked a nice trip to the Arctic. During this trip, attention will turn for a large extent to the birds. That was long ago, and I look forward to it with great pleasure.
The now placed series is a collection of separate images taken in the past year. And it is actually still become very colorful. The beautiful red of the Sacroscypha austriaca mushroom, the beautiful caterpillars off the  Cucullia chamomillae Butterfly and the fresh green that a Vole used to construct a network  off passages. I did not have to go far for the latter series, because it was just situated before the entrance to our campsite on a camping in Drenthe. A location where at first sight there was not much to do, but looking around always pays off. One of those pictures is otherwise used in a Dutch postage stamp. And a use like that was the last thing I had in mind when creating the series. Nice surprise then.
Finally, the caterpillar of the Phlogophora meticulosa moth. It took me months to determine until I suddenly got a very bright moment. Sometimes you get stuck in the search for a name, especially if it concerns a group where you do not count yourself to be a ” expert ”. Have fun watching.

Blonde ruiter