Holland varia 2016

A season where many people are looking forward to is spring. And despite the low temperatures at the time of this writing, it is still undeniable that spring has arrived. Trees are getting green again, the first butterflies fly around for some time now and more and more species of birds return from their wintering grounds. The fact that you can walk outside without your winter jacket give our winter-haters hope. And that while in the Netherlands, we have a mild winter compared to many other countries in the world. I’ll wonder how this group would deal with winter as it would take four full months and with severe cold and a lot of snow?
But admittedly, spring releases us from an often less appreciated season. As if the world comes back to life. In fact it only is getting more visible again.
The selection of images mirrored below gives us feeling of a returning ”better time”; courting birds, lambs in the pasture and orchids showing their attractive flowers. The ‘scary, dirty’ caterpillars have yet to transform into the more beloved butterflies, but that also is a harbinger.
Personally, I hope that temperatures stay ”normal”. In late April I’am going for a short trip back to Poland and I hope to experience the awakening of ” life ” there in full glory. The weather obviously plays a big role, but also determines the extent to which the area is flooded with water. And that’s something I’ve not seen for a long time. It is precisely these circumstances that cause the Biebrza area are often crowded with birds. Should it not be so, there are many other subjects who I want to pay attention to. As always, I will have a great lack of time because new opportunities will show up all the time.