Jan has now been active as a photographer for about fifteen years. Nature, preferably as pristine as possible, is what he gets his inspiration from. Far away from the crowds, alone or with a like-minded  photographer, is where Jan feels most comfortable. Being one with the subject, focusing on that sometimes small world in front of him, that’s what appeals to him most .

Although he started as a birdwatcher and a twitcher, after a few years he felt the need to photograph all the beautiful things he saw in the field. In the analogue era, he focused mainly on birds, but when the switch was made to a digital camera, he also became interested in other subjects.

From the very beginning he shared his images and experiences with others. By raising awareness of the beauty and purity of nature, he hopes to contribute to awareness of our heritage. The images are made with care and devotion and Jan clearly has his own ideas about what he likes. He has the will to distinguish himself and that is mainly expressed in the destinations he seeks out . He was the second Dutchman ever to visit the Lena Delta in Siberia in the early twentieth century. And recently, in February 2013, he was one of the first three non- Russians who travelled to Kamchatka, to photograph the mighty Steller’s Sea-eagle. A memorable trip, which was mainly pioneering. An unspoiled country with hardly any roads and snow storms that dictated the programme . The ultimate goal of this journey has not been fully realised, but fortunately he did not came home empty-handed .

As a photographer, Jan is focusing on the Arctic and almost every year he visits the Biebrza marshes in North-Eastern Poland. It is the pureness and richness of those areas which attract him enormously. He also loves winter conditions . The statement ‘rather a cold winter than a warm summer’ would be typical for him .

In recent years, his time is divided between his family and photography. Daughter Merel accompanies him regularly, eagerly looking for butterflies and caterpillars. He mainly exercises his passion during the holidays.

Foto: Martin de Koning
Foto: Martin de Koning

Jan is a member of KINA, the agency for nature and outdoor stock photography.